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Growing a fragrant garden

I love spending time outside in the garden. One of my favourite things about the changing seasons is smelling how the air changes as the different plants go into bloom. I like to have a good mix of plants in my garden that blossom and let off odours at different times so that there is a constantly changing mix of scents and colours to enjoy. Not only do people enjoy this, but it also helps attract beautiful birds and small native animals into the yard. This blog has some ideas for gardeners on great smelling plants you can use year round.


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Why Should You Consider Using a Ride-on Mower?

For years, commercial property owners have been relying on the ride-on mowers to maintain their massive gardens and lawns. However, things are changing, and now homeowners are choosing to use this piece of equipment too.

So, what's making ride-on mowers more popular amongst residential property owners, even though they are costly? And should you get one of these mowers as well? This post will outline the top benefits associated with ride-on mowers so you can make an informed choice the next time you decide to buy a mower.

1. Less physical effort needed

Trimming grass on a large lawn can be repetitive and boring sometimes. Besides, you will need to use energy if you are using a manual mower. Fortunately, you can avoid all this when you choose to get a ride-on mower. The equipment comes with a powerful engine that makes the work easier. Besides, the mowers are light in weight and can be manoeuvred easily on a levelled terrain, which will make your lawn maintenance task stress-free.

2. Lawn maintenance won't take long

Another key benefit you will get when you get a ride-on mower is increased work speed. The engine allows users to mow quickly compared to the time one will take when using a manually-operated mower. This means that you will complete the task within a short time and focus on other vital jobs.

3. Mowers have outstanding features

The ride-on mowers manufacturers make today have outstanding features. For instance, they are outfitted with a comfy seat and umbrella coverage to protect riders whenever it's hot. This means that you won't need to postpone mowing just because it's hot. Besides, the mower may have add-ons that can help you plough through snow, spread grass seeds, and dethatch your lawn. Standard mowers only have the blade deck.

4. You'll take care of the lawn while you're in poor health

Sometimes, you might be feeling unwell, but you want to spare a few minutes to maintain your garden. A ride on mower will make it easier for you to cut the grass without straining. Even those who have long-standing injuries will find it easy to maintain their lawn regardless of their health condition. You cannot accomplish this with a push mower — you could significantly affect your injury or general health condition. Your only option will be to hire someone to mow the lawn on your behalf, which will cost you a lot in the long run.