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Growing a fragrant garden

I love spending time outside in the garden. One of my favourite things about the changing seasons is smelling how the air changes as the different plants go into bloom. I like to have a good mix of plants in my garden that blossom and let off odours at different times so that there is a constantly changing mix of scents and colours to enjoy. Not only do people enjoy this, but it also helps attract beautiful birds and small native animals into the yard. This blog has some ideas for gardeners on great smelling plants you can use year round.


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Reasons You Should Always Purchase Landscape Supplies in Bulk

Are you planning to beautify the outdoor space in your property? Every property owner today wants to have a stunning lawn in their commercial or residential property. This not only beautifies the property but also increases the value of the property, and it's the reason people opt to hire landscaping contractors to design and maintain their outdoor space.

But before you can hire a landscaping expert to handle things on your behalf, you need to buy the necessary landscape supplies. This may include landscaping rocks, soil and mulch, as well as other materials. But, should you purchase one item at a time or procure everything at once? This post will outline the benefits of getting your supplies in bulk.

Each batch will be identical

When you procure all the landscape supplies you require all at once, you will get materials that look the same — the texture and colour will match. This will give your landscape a uniform appearance that very few property owners manage to attain. However, if you buy in bits, even if it is from one supplier, there is a chance that the products you get today will differ from those you find the next time you visit the supplier. They'll likely have replenished their stock, or products will have some design or texture changes. The good news in that the suppliers or your landscaping contractor can help you decide on the quantity of the supplies you require for the project so you don't run out of materials before the task is completed.

Reduce the buying costs

Whenever you have a chance to save money in any project, you should always consider it. Buying landscape supplies in bulk can help you save fund,s since buying in bags will create the need to get extra bags to meet your project's needs. However, when you buy in bulk, you will get exactly as much as you need, and you'll pay less — bagged items often come at an increased price. What's more, you can ask your supplier for a discount and save more money.

Get after-sales service

Most landscape material suppliers do offer transportation services to customers who buy their products in bulk. Once you get everything you need, the supplier will choose one of their suitable vehicles, load all your items and transport them to your door. This saves you time and money. Even if you don't get the transportation service from your supplier, you can pick one vehicle and load all the items at a go instead of transporting them in bits.

Contact a company that sells landscaping supplies to learn more about your options.